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Your safety is our concern

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Lining Chimney cleaning Chimney

Relining Service for Your Chimney

Repeat Customers Reap Reliable Safety

You are our extended family - we see you once a year, catch up on what's new, and care about your safety. Don't wait until the next winter. Invite us over for the annual maintenance of your chimney.


We'll send you a card once a year to remind you when it's time to get your chimney cleaned.

If you have a defective chimney, talk to us about relining it. Less expensive than replacement, there are many situations when a relining is the perfect answer. We will insert steel tubes into your existing structure to bypass structural damage or pre-existing issues that may date back from when your chimney was built.


Instead of knocking your chimney down and starting from scratch, ask Olde English Chimney Sweeps if relining is right for you.

You'll get a 10-year written warranty on chimney waterproofing: call today.

Glazed Creosote Removal Specialists

When dangerous build-ups from glazed creosote and soot from burned wood and coal cake the inside of your chimney, give us a call. Expert chimney cleaning will not only improve the quality of the air in your home, but also ensure the safety of your family, pets, and possessions.


In addition to wood and coal, we'll also clean your oil-fueled stoves. The residue, after burning, leaves behind flammable soot which must be properly removed. That's when we come into your home in the New Hartford, CT area to help.

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